‘Online’ OISC Course Booking and IPC Application Fee Payment

You can enrol on any of the courses below by making payment using a Paypal account or using a Debit or Credit Card.

Following payment, you will be sent your course access and instructions sheet by email, normally within 2 hours of making your payment (however during busy periods and out of office hours this may take longer so please allow up to 24 hours).

If you do not receive any emails from us within 24 hours of making your payment, please call us on 0330 113 9566 or alternatively you can email us at email@immigration-law-training.co.uk

Please note that our office hours are Monday to Friday 10am – 5.30pm.

Course Title Course Availability Period allowed to Complete Course Course Fee Course Level Booking Deadline  Payment
Online OISC Level 1 Available Now 3 Months £297.00 L1 N/A Add To Cart
Online OISC Level 2 Available Now 3 Months £347.00 L2 N/A Add To Cart
Online OISC Level 3 Available Now 3 Months £397.00 L3 N/A Add To Cart

    Online OISC Level 1
    (Valid until 23.59PM on Sunday 27/05/2018)

  • Available Now 3 Months £297.00
    L1 27/05/2018 Add To Cart

    Online OISC Level 1 & 2
    (Valid until 23.59PM on Sunday 27/05/2018)

  • Level 1 Available Now

  • Level 2 access provided after completion of Level 1
  • 6 Months £644.00
    L1 & L2 27/05/2018 Add To Cart

    Online OISC Level 1, 2 & 3
    (Valid until 23.59PM on Sunday 27/05/2018)

  • Level 1 Available Now

  • Level 2 access provided after completion of Level 1
  • Level 3 access provided after completion of Level 2
  • 9 Months £1,041.00
    L1, L2 & L3 27/05/2018 Add To Cart

    *Instalment Plan Option:
    You can now pay via instalments when you book all 3 online courses together. Please contact us for further information (email@immigration-law-training.co.uk)

    Course Title Course Availability Course Fee Application Fee Duration Booking Deadline Payment
    Immigration Practice Course
    (Online Course with Tutor Support)
    Available Now See IPC Info Pack £125.00 Add To Cart


    • I am very willing to recommend your courses to my friends. Your courses and customer service are very good!

      [The above testimonial was provided following completion of our OISC courses]

      T.Nguyen, Manchester
    • I found this training course very interesting and was engaged with both Trainers the whole day.

      [The above testimonial was provided following in-house training at AAM's Offices in London and it's HQ in Aberdeen]

      L.Eddison, Aberdeen Asset Management PLC
    • Your IPC course is the best business opportunity that I ever invested in. It has helped me immensely as it is helping me develop both professionally and also giving me  a chance to establish a professional business... I never thought I would ever come across a course such as the IPC, it is very original in the way it is delivered and with no formal qualification or legal experience, I have surprised myself at the rate of success in completing the modules... Thanks for all your support.
      Charlotte Akiyomo, London
    • the training is excellent and your course has allowed me to get out of a dead end job and look to make a fresh start and join the legal profession...
      Kiran Chauhan, East London, UK
    • to anyone who is thinking to enrol on your IPC course, it was the best decision I ever made - it has given me so much opportunities, confidence and opened up a gateway to the legal profession which I could never have dreamt of... many thanks
      Kamal Sandu, Leicester, UK
    • it has been a long time since I was at college and was not quite sure at the beginning whether I can cope, but as you had a free 30 trial offer, I had nothing to lose... I am glad that my friend Simon recommended me to ILT…
      T Hoang, North London
    • Your IPC training course is very easy to follow. It is truly amazing in the way a complex subject like immigration law has been broken down. I am enjoying the course very much…
      Julie Gill, Nottingham
    • Thank you for asking about our opinion of the Business  Immigration Law course which I recently attended. I found the course very interesting and informative. More than anything else, it was value for money as I have developed an employee vetting system for our HR department. This has substantially reduced our immigration lawyer’s bill dramatically as we are now able to do lot of the checking in-house ourselves!
      Simon, Aston, Birmingham
    • I completed your 1 day OISC Level 1 course and I am in the process of setting up an immigration advice consultancy firm in partnership with a friend.. I wish that I knew about these courses much earlier. I always thought it was only solicitors who provide immigration advice!. Thanks for your help and support...
      Deepak Shah, Central London
    • Your training on Business Immigration law has helped me to set up a simple and effective system to check and monitor our worker’s immigration status. For a small firm, it has cut down the need to get expensive legal advice. Thank you to everyone at ILT and the Speakers...
      GIBR, Northants
    • Your OISC Courses are easy to follow and understand. I will definitely recommend these courses to my friends and colleagues who are interested in becoming Immigration Advisors...
      Samuel, London